Ann and Benina offer safe yet powerful energy work through their combined Reiki and sound healing transmissions. It felt as if my body was receiving information at a very deep level and my only role was to be open to receive. Interestingly, at one point it seemed as if Benina was intuitively playing my life’s song on one of her instruments. Similarly, Ann kept returning to vulnerable places in my body to apply Reiki even though we had not spoken of them ahead of time. The session was healing, supportive, and even luscious. I will definitely return. A.W. - Raleigh, NC

I had a session with this Mom and Daughter team and I'm still feeling the great vibes! Gentle yet powerful. They walked me through what was to come and didn't rush me to the table. The live percussion sounds and Reiki at the same time was amazing. All of my senses were charged and the intention I set before we started is already happening! It was very special for me!

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Raleigh, NC

It's so hard to tell anyone how wonderful you will feel after one of Benina's sound baths. I brought a friend who really needed this experience. We were both so very happy and just wanted more. Benina lives and thrives in this beautiful world of sound. I always look forward to the next one!

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Morehead City, NC

The chakra alignment sound bath I attended was nourishment to my mind and soul. As soon as it started, time ceased to exist and the musical vibrations enveloped my entire being. I left feeling relaxed and grateful. Benina and Ann are caring souls and it's nice to see them sharing their special mother-daughter energy with all.


Mill Spring, NC

I wish there were words to describe my experience with Ann and Benina.
That's it! It can only be "experienced". The beauty in the symphony of sound that vibrates within the very core of your being and communicates the feeling of being held, protected and lifted "up" in an energy of Light can only bring serenity and joy on the deepest cellular level. Such a beautiful, lovely experience!

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Cary, NC

I had a wonderfully unique healing session with Ann & Benina. The beautiful synergy of healing energy, crystals and sound created a magical environment. I left uplifted and more aware of my divine connection and unity with nature and all. Being in this connective state brought in hope, love and a glimpse of new possibilities and beginnings. Thank you ♥

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Raleigh, NC

I had the best Reiki/Sound session with two amazing women, Benina and Ann Drake. Mother and Daughter❤️ It's energy healing Reiki as well as Sound healing session. This experience is amazing. This isn't just energy work. It's a gift and so many blessings 🙏. I am so grateful for this session with these outstanding healers. 🙌 Very grateful 🙏 🥲 ❤️

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Raleigh, NC